Website Design Evaluation

We know that there are not only people like us. Different people have different limitations and different knowledge. Their knowledge and Limitations defines how they perceive things. The thinking’s of different people is different for the same thing. The evaluation of yourself is very important to improve further and minimizes the flaws we have. In this task I am going to evaluate the website that I  have developed.


The website has information about the banking hours, Branches, ATM Locations and career option as well. It is very carefully designed without not forgetting that the content is the king. Everybody aims to publish the useful content but it should match the requirement of the user because the content is publish for the user not the developer..

Normal user

It is very useful to all users. There is no problem for such users to navigate through pages. They can easily find out the required information, create online saving accounts, Demat account, etc.

Disabled user

It has simple interface that doesn’t irritates the viewers. It has navigation bar at the top with beautiful color combination. It is completely easy to use the website. As the budget and time boundary, I haven’t included the feature of voice recognition so the visually disabled user will have problem to run the website.

User interactivity

The tern interaction means to interact. Here user interactivity deals with the interaction of different types of user with the browser. Hyperlink allows to interact with many pages within the website and also the forms allows user to submit datas.

Normal user

We have navigation and sitemap in every page so that if user gets stopped in any process, he can easily go through the sitemap to complete his job.

Disabled user

Talking to the fact, it is simple website basically developed to meet the requirement and not focused properly for the very disabled users. It is not easy for the disabled user like blind user. But the audio disabled users can use the website without any interruption.


The term access means to have no barrier to use the service. In website, there are many contents and it has different functionalities too.

Normal user

There is no problem in design because it is compatible and responsive with most of the devices. The user which knows the English language can simple go through the websites.

Disabled user

Disable person are not omitted even as designing the internet site. thus, whilst developing the internet site proper use of colors and contrast is made to keep away from coloration confusion. The content isn’t always written in ambiguous words which lets in a person with little or no training or dyslexia to apprehend the statistics website offers. The navigation is made very smooth and simple. therefore, even a disable consumer can get access  to  the data website has to offer.


It is the process to ensure that the correct data is provided by the user. There are some standards of validation like email id must contain “@” and “.com” and in the similar way age must be number. It helps to prevent the unnecessary request of the user to the web server. This validation discourages the bad intentional use and can reach to the more viewers.

Normal user

There are two forms of registration in the website and one is a contact form where user can input information. They can submit the details can process the service they required.

Disabled user

In some cases, user provide wrong information un intentionally and in that case validation helps to correct the data and save time for both the user as well as company. The input of wrong information doesn’t ensure the quality service. It helps disabled user to be tension free whether the record is provided properly or not and they are capable to identify the mistakes and can don’t repeat the same mistake on the next time.


From the above comparison, it clear that the website is responsive, compatible and completely suitable for the organization. Despite some limitations, the company won’t be in loss by using this website. Everything is not perfect because as time passes the technology also changes and more advanced technology arrives in the market. But at the present scenario, according to the requirements of clients and the targeted user, it is the most feasible interactive solution for the Kumari Bank.

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