Web Designing Concepts

From functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. Website contains many pages and is linked together. The website is hosted in a server and can be accessed from all over the world using its unique domain name over the internet.

It doesn’t end there, either. Web developers and designers must work together to produce websites that will be located by search engines, engage customers and stimulate conversions. Luckily here are some ideas to create a unique user experience that attracts viewers to become loyal brand advocates.

Targeted users:

Everyone has their own objectives and goals to success. In the same we need to specify the target so that we can reach to them. We need to gain the attention and trust of the user and they should be motivated in such a way that they feel that the website is created for them. There are different kinds of user but there are such types of user as well which we might not count them as they can use internet technology due to their disability. The users of website are different  such as some might be clients, some might be the admins, some might be the editors and some might be the technicians.

Expert user:

These are the users who know what is to be done and are aware about the capabilities of the computer to accomplish project.  They have knowledge and experience both by the study and practice over long period of time. They want more customization options with advancement of features and functionalities.

Regular user:

We use Facebook many times a day. It means we are the regular user of Facebook. Some might be very excellent about using various sites as well. They visit the website for definite purpose. Some might want to make friends, some might to find the course contents and some want to play games. The main task is that they use internet regularly to do something of their interest or job. Such types of user include students, staff, clients, etc.

Novice user:

Not all places have the facility of the internet. There are many villages as well where there is no any means of communication and also there are many such families who cannot afford computers or any costly electronic products. Such user uses the internet very rarely. They don’t have chance to get the more time to surf internet. But in some cases the user has the full facility but he doesn’t want to learn computer skills and feels very difficult to use computer as well and they can’t go through any web contents.

Occasional user:

These kinds of people are very determined in my view. They use the internet only for the special purpose. There are many users who love to spend time in internet by playing games, research, news and many other  stuffs if their interest but occasional user just open the website to get information about something. They can go through various pages of the website but they don’t like to spend time on website for long time. In short, we can say that they are time loving people and want to use their time in some kind of productive activities.

Website Accessibility:

Web is the enormously increasing and very essential resource. Everyone has right to use internet and technology but such services might not be accessible to all people. There is a term web accessibility. It means not only the healthy and physically fit people but also physically disabled people also can access the web. The disabled people also can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the web. The key principle of web accessibility is to design a flexible website to meet the requirement of different users.

Color Blindness:

It is the color vision deficiency and there are about 4.5% people of color deficiency.  It is caused by the genetic heredity. They can see things clearly but they can find out the distinct color like red, green and blue light. It is also called EnChroma.

Audio Disability:

Audio disability is the loss of hearing capacity. This kind of user doesn’t have much problem in surfing the internet but it is necessary that they remain within the website. Once user gets onto any website, the main aim of the publisher is to keep the user within the same page. So, audio disabled user should be attracted by the interface od website.

Visual Disability:

CDC defines the visual disability as the functional limitation of the eye or the vision system. It can be due to the various reasons lie eye damage, inability to receive and read the visual cues, etc. In most of the cases it is caused due to the diabetic retinopathy. This is the most difficult task to prepare the website accessible for visually disable person.. We need a voice recognition for much users. The website should be able to take inputs from the voice of user and also should give output on the voice as well.

Motor Disability:

More population has the motor disability. It is the disability to move hand , fingers or in one word it can be said as the poor balance. Such users are unable to type the thing without keyboard and can’t navigate through websites using mouse as well.  The famous scientist Stephan Hawking is the example of the motor disability which is the very extreme case of motor disability.

Cognitive impairment:

In this case the person has the problem with mental tasks. They mostly how the symptoms like memory loss, lack of attention, no problem solving skills and problem in verbal problem communication also. While using the website they commit mistakes like clicking on the wrong links or filling the unwanted inputs on the forms etc.

Solutions to such problems:

1.      Error or the invalid input can be used to prevent the unwanted inputs.
2.      Simple visual graphical designs should be created with no high contrast backgrounds.
3.      Simple language should be used so that a normal user has no problem in understanding the content.
4.      The important contents or information can be highlighted or can be displayed in greater size.
5.      Use of onscreen keyboard is very helpful for those who cannot use the PC keyboard.
6.      Input and output voice commands also are a great accessibility.


Design is the work of imagination and creating impressive objects to attract people. The intention of design is different whereas the main principle of designing is to gain the attention of viewers. It is the activity of preparing the plans for the work and plan its structure to be followed so that the work goes on smoothly.

Content Design

It is the process in the web development as the term indicates the content kept on the internet. Different elements are used and managed them properly to layout the web content. It includes various elements that we see on any web pages like text, color, space, margin, padding and the main thing is content within the page. We should always remember that the content is King. Proper content design can get the attention of more viewers and increases the traffic within the website. So, the developers should always present their content in effective manner.


In simple language it is the webpage where all the links of the complete website is kept in a sequential order so that the user have no problem in finding out the correct page. It is written in simple language without any technical language so that any user have no problem to use this service. Techopedia states that the sitemap is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site.

Visual Design

This is the attraction of any website. The proper layouts and the transition effects help to make the website more stunning and can attract the viewers’ attention for longer period. We use CSS to layout the website properly and JavaScript to add some controls and animations.


Optimization is the activity of making the website searchable in the search engines. We also should optimize the contents by making the responsive compatible design with PC, Smart phone, tablets, etc. We need to define keywords and Meta tags to optimize the websites to get more traffic and viewers. It is the free add because proper optimization ranks the website in first page of search engine and we can gets more view.

Programming Language

These are the special languages which are used to interact and execute the computer. They are used to develop software applications, scripts and the collection of commands and instructions. They have their own keywords and set of rules and instructions. There are several programming language with their definite use. We use the languages like C, C#, C++, Java, Visual Basic, etc. to develop applications. Similarly there are languages like HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python etc. to develop web applications.


A website is affected by various environments. The website should be compatible to all browser because it I not sure that all users user similar browser. The unwanted use of graphics and animation makes the website ugly and time consuming to load. In low connection, such websites have problem to load website which results in decrease the number of viewers. It is directly affected by the screen resolution, bandwidth and color depth.


It is the transfer rate of network that gives the measurement that how fast the data gets transferred from the server to the user’s PC. Low bandwidth may lead to more loading time and

Screen resolution

The screen of different devices like Smart phone, tablets and PCs are different and they have their own quality.  Screen resolution is the quality of Graphics that can be viewed on the Device. Maximum use of graphics in the website may seem attractive in PC but as the number of smart phone users is maximum and we can’t avoid them. In this condition, if the website caused problem to load in smartphone then we can get the views. So, screen resolution should also fit every device that can be used to browse internet.


Hence, the website design includes various concepts to be included to develop a well-managed and user friendly website. A good developer should always include these concepts for the proper benefit for the clients and clients also should be very clear about the targeted user so that the website can be optimized very efficiently to enhance the performance.
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