System Investigation and Documentation

I was contracted to screen and develop a structure entitled Academic Portal System. The system was created in java script and php. Academic Portal System is an electronic application that licenses customers to get to information, introduce their assignments and overview the assessments on the web. This structure also allows customer to message whatever other understudy under comparable social occasion. The supervisor has each one of the rights to give or disavow approval to customers.

The Academic Portal System has taking after parts:
1.      Insertion to DBMS: settlement of assignments
2.      Extraction from DBMS: Retrieve and see as of now submitted assignments
3.      Grade period: engage customer to see their audit
4.      Information module: engage customer to get to the information
5.      Messages and notices: engage customer to send or get message and get educated
6.      Print: grants customer to print their audit, information or assignments.

System Investigation

Existing System

Framework investigation analyzes a system distinctive reason for points of view. It dismembers the functionalities of system and its consistence with other structure. Structure examination of the present system answer one of the main problem i.e. what are the main problems with the standard or current structure? How to manage the issue? What are the choices?
I reviewed the customary structure through honest to goodness of documentation gave by the school. Alongside the records data stream diagram and use case chart was focused on. The prompt gatherings taken in the midst of the truth finding stage took the comprehension of the system. Probability study and cash sparing preferred standpoint of the system was also penniless down.
The result from the examination were obviously. Every one of the information was recorded physically in past system. The UI was not too captivating and gave off an impression of being difficult to manage. The assessments couldn’t be gone up against the web and the record for books were noted down in autonomous enroll. These systems took extra time. Later a feasibility study was done to proceed with the change of Academic Portal System.

Proposed System

Academic Portal System was created in the wake of driving the structure examination. This structure has all the limit that was determined in the system essential illustration. The functionalities like electronic checking on, convenience and download of assignments, messages and notification, starting a discourse string, thus on were all participated in the new system. The proposed system had taking after purposes of enthusiasm over the standard structure:
1.      User all around arranged interface
2.      Electronic assessing
3.      Massive limit
4.      Messaging office
5.      Quick settlement
6.       Very less bugs

Feasibility investigation

An idea to develop an item may not be conceivable. Regardless, it is correspondingly imperative to check the reasonableness of the idea from different points of view. Practicality study is the feasibility of the structure and the impacts the system could have. Practicality consider assesses the cash sparing focal points of the structure. The genuine extents to be based on doing Feasibility study are:

Technical Feasibility

The proposed system is really feasible. The item is an online application so the hardware acquaint in affiliation are fitting with begin the headway of the project. The project was created using DBMS lingo, PHP and java script. In any case, to store the online submitted assignments a database is required. The project can be made in a PC which is easily open in the school. The item can be adequately administered too. The affiliation has all the particular resources open.

Economical Feasibility

Economical Feasibility is the examination of money related direct of the system. The benefits of the new system should compensate the era cost. The item is astoundingly down to earth and the affiliation doesn’t need to spend a monstrous measure of money. The item should be made under strict supervision for the most part a broken system can be conveyed and affiliation needs to contribute again to develop the structure.

Hardware Configuration

RAM:500MB or higher
Processor:Pentium 3 or higher
Hard drive: This is an online application so a limit is cloud itself. A 40 MB space was obtained in cloud.

Software Configuration

Working structure (Operating System): Windows XP or higher, linux or ubuntu
Language:PHP, Java Script

System Design


Input is the path toward giving an information to a system which is taken care of and a yield is appeared. The “submit” and “resubmit” get takes the commitment of assignment and check the errand for copyright encroachment. In perspective of the report the assignment can be checked and assessing is given. Assessing is recorded in the “My assessments” tab on the upper side. Any exchange concerning studies or assignment ought to be conceivable in Discussion Tab. Messages are educated in the record tab. The customer can log out from the system in the wake of tapping on log out decision. The structure moreover give information about customer. Each one of the data area is an online technique. Thusly input plan of the interface was created.


The data archives or data are readied and a output is made. Output can be found in the PC screen itself and there is a course of action of printing it on the hard paper. The Output of the submitted assignment is the scholarly burglary report which is showed up in the likeness record percentile. The assessing Output is placed in the checking on tab. Output plot should be proceeded with just with amazing sentiment sharpness in light of the way that the wrong output can give false information.

Database Design

Database is a safe of the information gave by the customers. The database is acquainted essentially consequent with arranging data and yield blueprint of the UI. The database used as a piece of this system is Oracle. The data should be all around sorted out and the tables should have the usage of fundamental and outside keys. Database expands quick and straightforward access to the information open.

System Implementation

In the execution organize honest to goodness coding is done to change the layout thought into certified working system. In the midst of this stage originator codes to develop the functionalities and operations of the system and later present it in the World Wide Web. While sending the system taking after things should be locked in upon:

End client preparing

After the course of action of programming the end client should be instructed about the new advancement since they won’t not have any idea as for how to use the structure. They should be set up to use the structure with no inconvenience.

Post implementation Review

This is to be done after the structure is sent. Phoenix College accomplices or Project Manager may approach focus social occasion or delegates to use each and every functionalities of the system and check for goofs expecting any. They may in like manner approach them for reactions which could help while redesigning the structure.

Software Testing

An item should not be pushed unless it is striven for its functionalities. Software Testing  is performed to answer the request like Is the sign in page working, can the errand be submitted, is the log out find working, can trade strings be made, etc. In convincing Software Testing  may have taking after results:
1.      Delay in ID of issue.
2.      Hindrance to execution of affiliation.
The two vital sorts of testing are:
1.      White Box Testing: Also called as glass box testing white box testing is performed to test the control structure of the system.
2.      Black Box Testing: Black box testing is the value testing of the system. This game plan of testing perceives the bugs and mix-ups in the structure. Disclosure testing is an indispensable approach to manage white box testing that tests the commitment and what’s more yield techniques of the system. The botches that can be arranged by disclosure testing are:
a.       Interface screw up
b.      Performance screw up
c.       Initialization or end screw up


This project was directed to satisfy the legitimate need of the school. The project was made essentially after the thorough structure examination. The essential objective of programming examination is to make an estimation of the sensibility of the project inside a given time traverse. Thusly, the customer essentials was penniless down and tended to by working up the application according to the customer need.
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