SWOT analysis for the market potential

Market potential as the entire size of the market for a product at a time. Formulating new marketing strategies and policies is very important according to the market. So, investigation of market potential is very important. It helps fusion to focus on the particular products for particular regions which reduces the risk of wastes of raw materials. Market analysis helps to develop effective plans according to the need of customers.

Consideration of factors like SWOT analysis helps to operate business. The business analyzes helps to invest in profitable business. The buyer power, supplier power, etc. determines the profitability of the market. At present days most of ecommerce introduced are in clothing, electronics, etc. Most of the ecommerce are leading the market by electronics. Fusion is the company that is introducing ecommerce by the traditional handicraft products. This is the matter for national pride also. There are very few numbers of such ecommerce business introduced in Nepal. We can say that it actually has no competitors inside Nepal and its time for Fusion to take market on abroad.

Fusion has different products which are very popular in Hindu Culture and Buddhist culture. So its target of market is the country like India where large population is Hindu. Similarly, it can expand its market in Japan and other countries where large population is Buddhists. Fusion has no risk of gaining its market in South Asia. The economic condition and the level of knowledge of the Handicrafts in the area determine the supply of the product.

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The distribution channel should be very effective so that the customer can get the product in less time of order confirmed. There are different courier services available. So, Fusion can use any third party to deliver the product. The distribution channel becomes more efficient. Bigger the market size, bigger the competition. High competition makes the company aware about the quality and price of the product. It collapses the monopoly market of any company and Fusion has to keep it in mind that Fusion is introducing the Traditional Nepali Handicrafts product. There is less traditional handicraft introduced to ecommerce. So, market is not much hard for Fusion.

Introducing and maintaining an ecommerce is a low cost startup to international market. It decreases the actual cost of establishing the real physical company and maximizes the profit due to the minimum expenses. The survival of any organization depends on the flow of customers in the market. The more products goes on the market, the stability of the company becomes more. The market analysis of Fusion shows the potentiality of Ecommerce opportunity is more. This is the expansion of resource.

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