Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Hospital Jobs

Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Hospital Jobs – Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh has announced vacancy for IT assitant for Himalaya Hospital.

Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Hospital Jobs

Organization:Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh, Himalaya Hospital
Vacancy Published Date: 15 Mangsir 2079
Last Date To Apply:29 Mangsir 2079
Vacancy Title:IT Assistant (8th Level)
Job Type:Karar Sewa
Exam Type:Written, Practical and Interview
Application Fee:Rs 1000

Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Hospital Job Details

Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Hospital Jobs detail

Position: IT Assistant
Level: Assistant 1st (Level 8)
Required no.: 1
Required experience and minimum qualification: Bachelor in Information Technology

Required Documents

Handwritten application, copy of citizenship, academic qualification certificates, experience and other required certificates.


Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh
Himalaya Eye Hospital
Phone no.: 061-451168
E-mail: [email protected]

How to apply for the vacancy in Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Himalaya Eye Hospital ?

You can collect the application form from Himalaya Eye Hospital, Gharipatan, Pokhara. Submit all the necessary documents along with application fee.

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Himalaya Eye Hospital (HEH) was inaugurated on March 1st 1993 by the late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. The conception of building an eye hospital in Pokhara, Nepal happened sometime after few eye care outreaches were conducted in remote areas of Karnali, Gandaki and Dhaulagiri zones of Nepal. A team of volunteer doctors from the Netherlands would visit remote parts of these 3 zones and provide free eye care services. These outreaches (often called eye camps) were supported through various charitable programmes organized in the name of Oogkamp Himalaya.

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The Dutch Ophthalmologist Dr. Gerard Smith with filmmaker Bas Anselms and photographer Hans Donkersgoed first visited Nepal for eye camp expedition in 1984. The success of the very first eye camp provided evidence for repeat missions. Although these camps were blessings to people seeking eye services, the process wasn’t sustainable. Meanwhile, Peter de Boer initiated fundraising for these eye camps through Libelle magazine. Later in 1985 the Foundation Oogkamp Himalaya was registered and same year they won the “Libelle Puzzle Marathon”, an award worth one million Guilders. With an increased funding, building an infrastructure in name of Himalaya Eye Hospital meant provision of eye care services through development of local leadership was possible.

By 1978 a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) had established with the aim of providing sustainable eye care in country. Following up on the conceptualization of establishing HEH, the Netherlands based organization Eye Care Himalaya Foundation (previously known as Oogkamp Himalaya Foundation) partnered with NNJS and established HEH in Pokhara.

Australian architect and artist Robert Powell was the mastermind to design the HEH building. He was very successful in his intention to align the design of the hospital building with local architecture such that it would not be intimidating for the patients from the mountainous region. In the initial stages of construction of the HEH, one of the challenges was to have local acceptance ofthe hospital and its social, economic and environmental impact. For that instead of using heavy machinery equipment to clear the rocks from the terrain and to build the hospital, they employed local people and used local skills and manpower which was already more accepted in the community. Till date the construction and design of HEH complex is unique and has traditional Nepali flavor. In the earlier years HEH was quite far away from the main Pokhara city.Commuting to and from the eye hospital was cumbersome. With the ongoing development and crowding the eye hospital now lies within Pokhara city and resembles a park of traditional Nepali building with slate roof surrounded by concrete buildings from all sides.

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A problem at HEH from the time it was built was the water management. During heavy rainfall, the whole terrain would be flooded having no way to flow out. With urbanization and roadways built all over the water problem has only increased. Dutch landscape architect Pieter Germeraad came to solve this problem with a retention pond, so that there would be water available to irrigate the plants even during the driest months.

In the early years of operation HEH was financially supported by Foundation Eye Care (now called Eye Care Foundation) and its Nepal programme was led by Deepak Lama. HEH first operated with 39 clinical and non-clinical staff led by a Dutch Ophthalmologist Dr. Wouter Japing, the first Medical Director of HEH. For past twenty-eight years HEH has seen many progressive changes and other than the first 5 years it has been led by local Ophthalmologists.

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