Independant Feedback and Recommendation for the improvement

Feedback is a critical part of education and programs. It allows beginners to maximize their ability at special tiers of training, enhance their consciousness of strengths and areas for improvement, and discover movements to be taken to improve overall performance. If feedback is not given then it means everything is perfect and no change is required. But in fact nothing is perfect in this universe. So, to develop the level of confidence and problem solving skills, it is very important.

Client Requirement

The requirement of the kumari bank is to develop a complete website with banking services like E-banking, SMS Banking etc. The features included in the website are as follows:
1.      The user can register online for saving accounts, Demat Accounts, SMS Banking, etc.
2.      HTML, CSS and Java script is used to enhance the performance of the website.
3.      Very professional, responsive and user friendly design.

Evaluation and Independent Feedback

There are many components included within the website. In this task I am going to evaluate the website in different criteria provided such as Design, Accessibility, compatibility, etc.


I have designed a static website using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. It is not dynamic even though it  has forms and input fields but there is no any server side scripting language used to interact with database. It costs comparatively minimum than dynamic websites. We use the language like PHP, asp .net, java, python etc. to interact with database using SQL or Oracle Statements.

Feedback for improvement

1.      The static page can be converted to dynamic page. Now we can improve the developed system by adding some server side scripting language.
2.      It can make the updating of websites very easily without any changes on the code using back end panel
3.      Fund transfer can be added in the additional feature in dynamic page.


Static websites are very unsecured so that we need to follow some security measures. the security level is maintained within the bureaucracy by validating. The website has no integrated price gateway gadget so the online transactions aren’t viable and the website only offers customer web page scripting.

Feedback for improvement

1.      Using the secure protocol that is HTTPS and SSL certification.
2.      Adding the CAPTCHA to avoid spams.
3.      Proper validation while taking inputs from the user is very important to process only the genuine request.


Internet site optimization is the method of the use of controlled experimentation to improve a website’s capacity to force commercial enterprise desires. to enhance the performance of their website, internet site proprietors implement A/B checking out to experiment with variations on pages in their internet site to decide which adjustments will in the long run bring about an increase in engagement, clicks, purchases, or different sort of movement.

Feedback for improvement

Website optimization offers many measurable commercial enterprise blessings. First, the method of website optimization determines the best version of web page elements that help site visitors to perform a sure goal. Optimization improves the performance of the website at changing tourist site visitors into email subscribers, readers, or paying clients. In flip, improved performance results in greater ROI on patron acquisition and site visitors-generating campaigns which includes internet searches, AdWords, social media, and email advertising.


Internet accessibility pursuits at allowing all users to have equal access to statistics and functionalities on the internet. extra mainly, internet accessibility manner that human beings with all competencies and disabilities can understand, recognize, navigate, and have interaction with the net.
Consistent with the UN conference at the Rights of folks with Disabilities that has been signed by using the eu Union, individuals with disabilities include those who have long-term bodily, intellectual, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with numerous boundaries may additionally avoid their complete and effective participation in society on an same foundation with others.

Feedback for improvement

1.      Other languages also can be used so that people love to view the site as people love their local language.
2.      I have used the gallery page using images but videos is not used and it would be better to use videos.


Hence according to the evaluation the feedbacks are provided for the improvement of the website. These feedbacks will help us to improve the functionalities of website in coming days.

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