Exam Routine – 4Year’s B.B.S.IV Year

 Exam Routine –  4Year’s B.B.S.IV Year

Date Subjects/Code No.
2077/08/29 MGT-220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
2077/09/01 MGT-221 Business Research Methods
2077/09/03 ACC-250 Accounting for Banking FIN- 250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance MKT- 250 Fundamentals of SellingMGT- 250. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
2077/09/05 ACC-251Accounting for Business FIN- 251 Commercial Bank Management MKT -251 Customer Relationship Management MGT- 251 International Business
2077/09/07 ACC-252Advanced Financial Accounting FIN- 252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Market MKT 252 Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal MGT- 252 Management of Industrial Relations
2077/09/09 ACC-253Advanced Auditing FIN -253. Fundamentals of Investment MKT -253 Fundamentals of Advertising MGT- 253 Productivity Management
2077/09/12 ACC-254 Budgeting and Controlling of Profit FIN- 254 Insurance and Risk Management MKT- 254 Fundamentals of Services Marketing MGT -254 Quality Management

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