Different Feasibility Critera and its impact

Phoenix College is an inside and out assumed school arranged at the Kathmandu valley. The vital objective of the school is to giving quality preparing to its understudies who come the separation from Chitwan, Birgunj, Itahari, Pokhara, Biratnagar and others. The association has an ordinary information organization structure to keep the records of understudies and also staffs. In any case, the system is fail to work effectively and the accomplices feel difficulties to regulate and redesign the information. The school needs me to develop an Academic Portal structure which will urge the understudies to exchange their assignments on the web and get an electronic assessing. Such structure ought to allow customers to discuss, blog, survey, exchange assignments, see old assignments, composed adulteration test and view their assessments while executives of the system has right to supervise get-togethers and deny customer assents.
This task discusses the system examination of the above circumstance moreover illuminates its plausibility criteria and their belongings.
The examination of a system is a distinct examination of the business, its essential, past structure and system to be made. The system specialists are the platform between the accomplices and programming engineers/fashioners. System specialists understands the necessities of business and uncovers to designer to develop an item that is most suitable to the business firm. They are reliable to do a definite examination about the present structure, its impediments and the proposed new system, how dynamic changes can be brought.
Surely structure examination is done to find main problems as for the present system and the structure to be delivered.

The present structure

• How the operations are finished?
• The association between current system and other system.
• The upsides and drawbacks.
• Why is upgrade required?

The proposed system

• Expectations and requirements
• What are the functions from the previous system that should be inherited?
• What are the new functionalities?
• How can the new system fulfill the demand of the client and give the effective output?
The framework examination is the path toward assessing the condition of an association from substitute perspective to develop another structure as a response for the ceaseless issues and defining changes. An examination for a system should be a serious and should be uneven. A framework examination should be aware about the questions given below:
•Who is the system being created for?
•Why would that be the need of another system?
•Will the business reinforce the costs of working up another structure?
•Does the creation cost exceed advantage?
•Will the new system have the ability to manage the inconveniences of the relationship as it is required to?
The two imperative apparatuses to do an examination and answer such request are reality finding frameworks and feasibility concentration.

Fact Finding Techniques

It is essential to recognize the basic substances while building a structure which ought to be conceivable using truth finding frameworks. An inspector should accumulate all the critical information about structure ahead of time. These facts chooses the achievement of any project. In any case, any questionable or incorrect information gave while information social event can provoke disillusionment being created. The correct and critical information regarding endeavor can discover the change of project emphatically. Interviews, Observation, Investigation of documentation and Questionnaires are the noteworthy four methodologies for fact finding methodology.
Why might that be a need Fact Finding Techniques for a little relationship as Phoenix College? The answer is essential free of the measure of the system, the truth finding methods assembles the major information about the affiliation, the kind of structure in an affiliation, their consistence, the system they had some time as of late, the structure they have to convey, how the structure worked some time as of late, future functionalities expected in a structure, etc. The information assembled are essential and imperative. This kind of information helps the specialist to take in the data about encounters of the affiliation, and the more the master can fathom the business the better he’ll unveil it to engineers.


The crucial focus of recognition is to perceive what truly proceeds in an affiliation. The inspector should watch the affiliation. The observation depends in travel affiliation works, how the systems are combined with each other, stream of information, et cetera. The Hawthorne affect (n.d.) illuminates that a spectator should think about while watching workers who could bear on change since they are especially mindful that some person is keeping an eye out for them.


a.       The accumulated information are essential and tried and true.
b.      Helps to screen the unpredictable errand and structure.
c.       Easy and unassuming to take after.


a.       Staffs may get conformity their execution while being seen.
b.      Interruption all in all power works
c.       All the examiner won’t not have comparable point of view. Along these lines, a qualification in setting can draw in to various differing perplexing conclusions.
d.      Inconvenient timing.

How to do?

a.       The recognition should answer 5Ws-1H address i.e. who, what, why, where, when and how.
b.      Observation should not be finished unless a careful office gives you the agree to do all things considered.
c.       People and assignments that will be watched should be instructed already.
d.      Note taking helps a ton.
e.       Assumptions are the most exceedingly awful thing to do. They make the records vague and off base.
f.       Official endeavors should not be interfered.
g.      Less focusing on immaterial activities.

For what reason Phoenix College was kept under Observation?

Phoenix College was kept under perception to amass vital information as for ordinary various leveled works out. Viewing a various leveled assignments may interfere with the business shapes however to the brighter side the master will have the ability to judge what are the difficulties being gone up against and how the structure can be made more unraveled to sooth the business frames.


• 5Ws-1H deliver with respect to the affiliation can be answered.
• Better finding out about past systems and their working.
• Better finding out about how the new system should work.
• Realization of craving of accomplices.
• All the critical information assembled designers to make a predominant system.

Examination/Investigations of Documents

There are a lot of associations who keep records regarding the present structures and methodologies of the working environment. The record set away may vary from IT structure to the business system. These reports are made as a customer support, which is in reality a detail portrayal as for how the structure capacities and its methodology. Business master separates these records. These records is taken as a base model while arranging another item. Another item ought to have a supplanted, changed or elective type of these records. There are diverse files that a business master should consider. Some of them are:
a.       Bills
b.      Invoices
c.       Data get shapes
d.      Business reports
e.       System Documentation et cetera.


1.      Investigates the issues inside a system.
2.      Helps to understand the money related probability of the project.
3.      System documentation transforms into the base for the new pursuit.


1.      Time eating up system.
2.      An despicable examination may have mixed up conclusions.
3.      The puzzle an association needs to keep up may be revealed.

Reasons for examining documents of Phoenix College?

Phoenix College is not another affiliation and has been running since numerous years. Thusly, plainly extraordinary business activities are went around reports. These records may change from budgetary documents to structure’s reports. It is vital to break down such records. The reason of doing all things considered is that it will fathom the budgetary state of the association, separates the past, present and gauge the destiny of business moreover dismembers the customary structure the school has had and what should be participated in Electronic Classroom Management System (ECSM) to encourage the organization of data.


Comprehension of cash related state of business.
• Understanding of past standard structure.
•Helps to perceive how the new structure should be.
•Investigates the issue inside a structure.
•Documents can be taken as a base to make new pursuit.


Polls is another gadget of conviction finding methodologies. Surveys are basic to assemble information about structure from customers. Generally, a structure specialist prepares an once-over of request to which the customers give answers back to the inspectors. Chatting with individual customers and making request concerning writing computer programs is totally nonsensical and is dull. Giving customers studies regarding structure helps a system master with assessing a typical considering the customer. Surveys can be of two sort:

Free-Format Questionnaries

A Free-Format Questionnaries reviews generally speaking is a sort of study that licenses customer to answer the request wholeheartedly. No changed parameters for answers are set that infers customer can answer in the answer portion in their own specific words. This helps specialist to grasp about customer feeling and experiences as the answers are more clarified.

 Fixed-Format Questionnaries

Fixed-format questionnaires surveys  adjusted request and has pre-set parameters for answers. The customer as a general rule needs to look over the decision which is given to him. The study may move from different choice, yes-no sort, rating sort (unequivocally agree, agree, go amiss, vehemently dispute) to situating request. This kind of survey gathers information on a sum.

Building up a Questionnaire

Taking after things should be perceived while developing an overview
1.      Determination of the review sort, which plan may give the best yield should be done.
2.      An overview should be fundamental and should not contain sketchy words.
3.      Before making it available to the greater gathering of spectators, an example should be attempted by respondents.
4.      Clear and legitimate duplicates should be made.


1.      Quick association of responses.
2.      Can be done supportively.
3.      Doesn’t set aside long chance to answer.
4.      Enables mystery.


1.      Users may not answer each one of the request.
2.      Chance of answers being unnecessary is high.
3.      Doesn’t reinforce illumination of question. Subsequently, misinterpreted questions can’t be answered.
4.      Difficult to set request.
5.      Low return rate.

Reasons for Questionnarie

A review as cleared up above is an once-over of request in any courses of action which knows the general point of view of the customers. Making surveys about old plan of Phoenix College will perceive how data organization worked in customary structure, were customers open to using it, its functionalities, et cetera. A study regarding the new system will know the objective of customers what they expect about the new structure and in what manner may it make things basic.


• Understanding of routine data organization.
• Users can express their slant about using routine structure.
• Defects in routine structure can be known. 
• Information as for standard system will allow master to pick functionalities to be incorporated or ousted from the new structure.
• Expectations about new system can be made sense of it.


Modell (n.d.) portrays get as a formal together close and individual meeting held to study the likelihood of the interviewee. Gatherings are on a very basic level done up close and personal adjusted. It is a vital method of information social affair. A fragile talented much of the time aced by all the structure master gatherings knows the huge information and the level of its significance. Gatherings are finished by master for the look for after of data about the main problems and proposition if any to improve the present technique for working (Paulo, 2000)

Components of an interview

1.      Relevant information about associations and its ability should be considered.
2.      The issues in an affiliation should be uncovered.
3.      Questionnaires in light of substances you have to know.
4.      Opinions should constantly be welcomed.
5.      After the information gathering make leads for future gatherings.


1.      Interviewee gets roused.
2.      Feedbacks can be gathered.
3.      High rate of advance.
4.      Provides certified bits of learning of business and structure.
5.      Practical strategy for social occasion information.


1.      Time eating up
2.      A master must have the ability to expert the human association capacities.
3.      A on edge interviewee may give vague information.
4.      Cannot be determined whether the interviewee is lying or talking truth.

Explanations behind interviewing Phoenix College Staff

Direct communication  is a clear methodology of assessing people up close and personal by masterminding meeting or social affairs. Gatherings can be composed i.e. one interviewee one examiner, various to one i.e. various examiner one interviewee, one to various i.e. one examiner various interviewee or various to various i.e. various examiner various interviewee. Interviewee helped in Phoenix College will allow the specialist to know the individual feeling about staffs about system they have had used and their proposition for future structure. Meeting more hoisted sum heads and chiefs will know the budgetary soundness of the affiliation, financing for new structure and the wishes of official concerning their rights in the new system.


• Insights of affiliation can be known.
• Personal experience about using standard system can be known.
• Administrator longings can be resolved.
• Information amassed makes new system.

Focus Group

A social affair of people stressed for the project, participate in examination before the project is passed on or impelled is called Focus cluster. Focus social affair is a gathering of reliable people who are revolved around quality confirmation of a structure. They offer reactions to the change of the system Tremblay and Monica Chiarini (2010). An inside social affair helps in basic thoroughly considering time of considerations and techniques.


1.      Helps to perceive the particular part of the project, how it works or its quality.
2.      Feedbacks proposed makes or update the structure.


1.      Can be uneven.
2.      There is no course of action of including the whole method of a structure.

Why framing a Focus group for Phoenix College?

Focus group is a group of people coordinating, committed with an effort to overview the project right shape its progression organize, ensure its quality and roll out proposition for its improvement. Confining an inside social event for Phoenix College might be honorable. The inside social affair of Phoenix College can assess the developmental work and certification that the quality is not exchanged off.


• Assessment of developmental work.
• Quality control
• Series of considerations and techniques with respect to system progression.
• Feedbacks updates or upgrade the system.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility consider separates the reasonableness and potential for achievement of the project by considering qualities and deficiencies of business firm, resources available, open entryway and perils. The common sense to focus on explores chiefly specific and cash related issues, market and essentials of a business firm. This kind of watchful examination check whether it is reasonable to proceed with the item change. Feasibility focus on measures the capability of accomplices and what’s more business affiliation.
Coordinating a feasibility consider for Phoenix College, an informative affiliation which has a demand of Electronic Classroom Management System will help the accomplices of the relationship to review the cash related condition of the affiliation, fathom about the structure they require, appreciate the positive and negative impact of that structure, understand whether the association has ability and advantages for make such programming in conclusion will tell the proprietors whether the system is fiscally sharp and advantage compensatees the change costs. While leading a achievability consider we focus on the critical parts of reasonableness, an acronym TELOS.

Technical Feasibility

 Technical feasibility is studying or examining whether the particular rigging and capacity are accessible to lead the thing and if not whether there is adequate spending plan to present the gear and programming systems which empowers the change of programming. The analyst is doled out with the endeavor to investigate about particular obstacle that may happen in system change cycle and connect a sensible assurance.
We dismember Phoenix College for specific probability. An essential and impartial examination about whether the association has specific resources available for the headway of the system is done. The association should in like manner have a specific work to handle the result get ready of the item. The gathering may similarly analyze the particular obstacle that can rise in the midst of the system headway life cycle.

Economic Feasibility

The need of driving a money related credibility is that under economic feasibility examiners dismembers the budgetary conditions of the business, whether the firm has enough money for system headway and run the structure in future. The structure made should be beneficial from money related point of view i.e. notwithstanding the measure of money place assets into the project the entry capita should be higher.
In like way, Phoenix College should be analyzed for money related feasibility. The master dismembers the financial record of school to make sense of if the school can deal with the cost of the cost of working up the item. Beside the era cost, the cost of running and support ought to moreover be bankrupt down. Consequently, the cash sparing preferred standpoint that the item may give is also guage.

Legal Feasibility

An item made without the right finding out around principles and order may harm the decesion that everybody must take after. Without legal examination of project a honest to goodness programming can’t be created. The item that will be made should be honest to goodness i.e. doesn’t harm any law. In case a made system harm any exhibition of law then the association can be sued in the court and the structure must be cut down thus all the theory made on the era of programming goes useless.
The system to be delivered ought to be dismembered from the authentic point of view. The item made for Phoenix College should not harm any law of Government of Nepal. Since, data are taken care of in this system it should fit in with the Data Protection Act under the order of Nepal.

Operational Feasibility

A vital part of the achievability consider operational probability grasps the operational components and functionalities of the structure. The system made should be advanced than the past structure and work as showed by the preset essentials. Contiguous, whether the system can acclimate to the changing environment like gear and programming (working structure) is moreover examined.
As to our circumstance the ECMS is dismembered. ECMS must be advanced and should fuse each one of the functionalities perceived by the accomplices. The ECMS should have the ability to continue running in any environment and should have the ability to alter in the new working structure. Regardless, the overhauls can be empowered as the new working system dispatch. The structure should run enough without any issues and oversights.

Schedule Feasibility

An originator should constantly thrive with due date. If a project doesn’t finish in expected course of occasions then it is not useful. A honest to goodness estimation of perfection time should be done before starting the project. Arrange common sense mean the begin and completing of project. After the due date is stamped and if the architect feels the project can’t be done in the time assessed then he should approach accomplices for due date development.
In the wake of separating the project and its section a due date to complete the project is evaluated. A period for fulfillment of project is picked essentially after exchange with the accomplices. Diverse segments like programming and hardware open, developmental environment, number of designers contracted et cetera should be explored before settling on due date. A course of action of using Gantt framework can be made open. Gantt outline is a pictorial representation of eras which joins the division of day and age from the begin time to the complete and assignments to be done in each division. The use of Gantt diagram will keep all the headway assemble together in comparative day and age and the accomplices can see the work change acclimated to the timetable.

Social Feasibility

A need of inspecting social needs seems, by all accounts, to be sensible in the setting to Phoenix College. The application is created for the overall public who are particularly related to the school. Understudies, executives and diverse laborers have their own specific yearning from the structure. An agent must do whatever in his psyches to understand those longing. Understudy should have the ability to get to past assignments and have the ability to exchange and get inspecting for their assignments while directors should have the ability to yield or deny rights and approvals. These kind of necessities should be dismembered and be consolidated into the structure.

Points of interest of Conducting a Feasibility Study in Phoenix College

1.      Benefit Analysis.
2.      Completion time Identification.
3.      Cash Flow Identification.
4.      Analysis of push to be done.
5.      Legalized thing Development.
6.      Beforehand examination of operational environment and functionalities.


Therefore, a system examination is finished before the start of dare to endeavor information about the structure that is being made. Feasibility consider has an uncommon part to play in a structure examination. Thusly, impacts of reality finding systems and plausibility in setting of Phoenix College was destitute down.

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